Going Green (or White)

Roofers Going Green
Today roofing systems are taking a swing towards going green. Instead of painting the town red, roofers are painting the town white, or at least the roofs. This is not only beneficial to the environment, but also it can make a big difference towards people’s pocket books. It is a trend that we want to support and encourage.

There has been an article that quotes Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, saying, “There’s a friend of mine, a colleague of mine, Art Rosenfeld, who’s pushing very hard for a geo-engineering we all believe will be completely benign, and that’s when you have a flat-top roof building, make it white. “Now, you smile, but he’s done a calculation, and if you take all the buildings and make their roofs white and if you make the pavement more of a concrete type of color rather than a black type of color, and you do this uniformly . . . it’s the equivalent of reducing the carbon emissions due to all the cars on the road for 11 years.” Eleven years! A NASA/Columbia study shows that New York rooftops are 40 degrees cooler when painted white. This is significant data for rural areas experiencing the heat island effect. Duro-Last is one company that has a highly reflective roofing systems.

The EPA website describes “‘heat island’ as built up areas that are hotter than nearby rural areas. The annual mean air temperature of a city with 1 million people or more can be 1.8–5.4°F (1–3°C) warmer than its surroundings. In the evening, the difference can be as high as 22°F (12°C). Heat islands can affect communities by increasing summertime peak energy demand, air conditioning costs, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, heat-related illness and mortality, and water quality.”

Another way, besides white roofs, that roofers can assist bigger cities with this economic situation is to encourage owners of buildings to create a “green roof” or a rooftop garden. It is said that on a hot summer day, a green roof’s surface temperature can be cooler than the temperature of the air. Roofers are well aware that this is not the case with other roof surface temperatures. These roofs absorb heat and act as insulators which reduces the energy needed for cooling and heating. This could be one of the most substantial sales points since it will benefit the place in the long run. Furthermore, some have gone the extra mile and their roofs are a very aesthetic and can allow employees to have a little place to go for respite during a hard workday. This could also improve quality of work within the workplace.

And yet another option that can be made available to customers are cool roofs that come in a few different colors. A cool roof helps reflect the sunlight and heat away from the building which can help reduce roofing temperatures making them up to 50-60 degrees cooler thank conventional roofing materials during the peak summer days. Roofers can utilize ENERGY STAR roofing materials to create cool roofs around our nation. The EPA says, “A California study found that cool roofs provide an average yearly net savings of almost 50 cents per square foot. This number includes the price premium for cool roofing products and increased heating costs in the winter as well as summertime energy savings, savings from downsizing cooling equipment, and reduced labor and material costs over time due to the longer life of cool roofs compared with conventional roof.

So, there you have it. White roofs, cool roofs, garden roofs, or maybe even cool looking garden roofs with white pathways. Whichever way, we ask that you consider going green…or was it white?!

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Tornadoes Hit Central US
The tornadoes on Saturday were unrelenting. There were around 135 tornado reports on our daily activity and about 199 hail reports. People living in the Plains were forced to take cover as tornadoes ripped through towns with determined paths. Surrounding the Fort Riley Military Reservation, grapefruit and softball sized hail was reported putting holes in roofs of cars and breaking all West side windows of houses. The town of Thurman, IA, was hit by an EF2 tornado, with 75% of the town destroyed.

These violent storms claimed six lives in Woodward, Oklahoma. It had been 65 years and 6 days since the historical 6th most deadly tornadoes had hit this very same town. During the storm in 1947 there were at least 107 people killed by an F5 tornado. Thankfully, technology has progressed since then and the community was given about a 24 hour warning of the Saturday storms. Without today’s technological advances, it could be likely that this dramatic storm front could have taken many more lives than it did. No matter the numbers, we cannot imagine the grief that this storm has produced for many. Roofers and Insurance Adjusters, take care of our fellow Americans, and stay safe out there as you sift through the rubble.

Intelligence Level: Deer vs. Kid

Baseball Size Hail via YouTube
This video was taken on April 9, 2012 during a baseball sized hail storm in Woodward, Oklahoma. We see here a video of a smart deer and a not so smart kid. Justin Berk says, “At baseball size, hail can fall at 81 mph. That will hardly get you into the major leagues, but it can do serious damage if you get hit.”

The last known fatality occurred in Fort Worth, Texas when 19 year old Juan Oseguera went to move his car and was hit in the head with a softball sized hail, which can reach 103 mph. An infant can be killed with a golf ball size hail. All that being said, please take cover when significant hail storms are in the area. Be swift as the deer and seek cover.

West Texas Hail: Everything is Bigger in Texas

The Texas motto, “everything is bigger in Texas,” was proven by a huge hail storm that dumped hail on the Panhandle yesterday. To the left is a photo that was sent to the National Weather Service in Amarillo yesterday showing a man standing amid 4 feet of hail in the northern region of Potter County.

Texas Highway 287 was also brought to a complete standstill because of the amount of hail. Cars were buried under the pebbles of ice and roads were too slick to move forward. Many roads were flooded as the hail started to melt. Below you can view a video of the flash flood of the Canadian River. The footage is incredible and almost surreal. The Texas Department of Transportation has plans to work throughout the day to remove hazardous ice buildup.

If you can picture the amount of hail that was produced from this storm front on top of a flat roof, or any roof at that, you can get an estimate of the damage that this front produced. One gallon of water weighs 8.345404 lbs. That approximate amount of weight with this amount of hail could easily make a roof cave in or create extensive damage. Those who were affected by this burying storm are in our thoughts and prayers. We hope everyone stays safe out there.

Baseball Hail Weather Image

This is an incredible image of reflective volume from a baseball sized hail storm. As you can see it has a very deep hail core. (Image and Info from the NOAA website) We have made it our business to help your businesses meet the needs of the individuals who have been affected by fronts such as this one. We want to serve you by easing the process from a storm to the doorstep.  Furthermore, our software will help you get to the doorstep before your competitors.  We want to be able to help grow businesses so you can help our economy by supplying more jobs.

“My Little Texas Tornado, Blowin’ Me Away Again”

Tuesday, April 3, 2012-

The Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas was slammed today by severe weather that bred several tornadoes and hail ranging from golf ball to tennis ball size. Tornadoes can range from and EF0, the weakest, to EF5, the strongest. National Weather Service crews in Forney spotted storm damage to suggest an EF3 twister with winds up to 165 mph. Other tornadoes spotted in Arlington and Lancaster have appeared to be identified as an EF2 with winds around 135 mph.

Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the families and businesses who have been affected by this powerful storm front. We hope everyone remains safe as they rummage through the rubble and begin repairs. The National Weather Service predicts this tornado and hail season to be above normal, and Tuesday’s strike suggests that this prediction could be accurate. Below are a few images from the daily activity portion of our website.

Tornado Reports from HailStrike.com- 4/3/12

Hail Reports from HailStrike.com- 4/3/12

Wind Reports from HailStrike.com- 4/3/12