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HailStrike Hail Tracker App 4.0 Released

Greetings everyone! We’ve been hard at work implementing the latest set of feature and enhancement requests we’ve received from you, and today we are proud to announce the release of HailStrike’s hail tracker app, online version 4.0!

This represents a fairly major update in the user interface, so in addition to all the new features, we have also included an in-depth, interactive tour that you can take at your discretion, as many times as needed, to get the most from the tools. You will see a big orange “Take The App Tour” button at the top of the screen when you login to the app.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.25.49 AM

Now, on to the features in this release…


  • Brand new simplified search. When you open the app, you will be presented with a brand new search interface on the left hand panel. Type in any city, state, or even street address to get the latest available listing of storms. This features the same power as the hail locator we recently released on the main website, but is much more configurable. You can filter results by date range, minimum hail size, and distance from the entered address.

hailstrike search filters

  • Within the search results is our new(ish) impact rating for each storm. Click on more details to get a comprehensive listing of factors that can help you determine if a storm is worth your while.

hailstrike impact scale

  • The date picker is now located in the top middle of the app. You can change the date by clicking it, or use the arrows to move forward or backward a day at a time.

hailstrike date picker

  • The app now saves your preferences automatically every 2 minutes, or on command. Now, when you search in an area, toggle your map layers on/off, or load a particular storm, the app remembers and will load up the same settings the next time you log in!

hailstrike save state

  • There are several new layers you can overlay on the map, including a Live Precipitation layer and a Home Values layer. Now you can see average values of homes in neighborhoods across the U.S. underneath your paths and swaths!

hailstrike map layers

  • We’ve increased the default search radius circle to 50 miles, and upped the 2x to 125 miles. We’ve beefed up our servers to handle the extra data.
  • In addition to satellite mode, you can now use the dark map mode, which gives excellent contrast for AniSwath maps.
  • Brand new right click menu. Try right clicking anywhere on the map to bring up a context menu. From here you can:
    • Get the street level address at the point you clicked.
    • Center the map on that point.
    • Show paths for that area.
    • Locate businesses for that area. You can specify body shops, roofing supply, or anything else, and we’ll pull up nearby matching business listings.

hailstrike locate businesses

There were several other small tweaks and fixes that some of you will notice, but no need to bog down our post with them now. 🙂

We hope you enjoy this new release. As always, if you have feedback or further feature requests, don’t hesitate to comment or shoot us an email.

Happy tracking,