HailStrike in MarketWatch.com

OneSite™ Report Article in MarketWatch

MarketWatch.com features an article about HailStrike’s™ best reporting product, the OneSite™ Report. Check out this little snippet from the article:

Insurance carriers, CAT teams, independent claims adjusters, and forensic engineers will find OneSite™ Reports an indispensable tool in staying ahead of their competition and on top of their market. “DWS is the only company with the ability to document hail storms down to volume of hail making landfall,” said CEO and Founder Daron Sneed. “With the data included in a OneSite™ Report, our customers gain a far more useful assessment of a hail storm’s true impact. In the past, significant limits have reduced the data included in a hail verification report. We realize that hail activity ten miles from a property has no bearing on activity at that specific address. OneSite™ Reports are about to change that paradigm and finally give customers what they’ve been really needing.”

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