Hailstrike Takes Flight

After creative processing and much effort, HailStrike has taken flight and is soaring. Why use traditional “Pay-Per-Storm” maps and services that can take up to 48 hours for delivery? HailStrike is the most comprehensive hail tracking tool in the industry!

We have developed a system with unlimited searches in unlimited areas so you can identify, track and research hail activity anywhere within the continental United States. HailStrike has cross-referenced data from several sources so you can see actual graphical data as it is recorded by the radar stations across the United States. Our staff is constantly engaged in technological changes to provide you with accurate information. HailStrike also provides instant storm activity notifications through our customizable alert system that can be delivered through text messaging, e-mail and soon our universal iPhone/iPad app within 5 minutes of a storm so you can be the first to arrive on the scene. Furthermore, you can research data and view activity on an interactive map for any day within 5 years. The data you retrieve can be exported, printed, and/or saved for future references.

HailStrike is designed to give you a significant field advantage in a competitive market. We strive to help grow your business and allow you to stay in the field where you are most productive.