Dr. Mike Weissbluth has joined Dynamic Weather Solutions as their Chief Scientist  due to an increased emphasis on product development. Mike received his Masters in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University in 1985 and then granted his Doctorate in Atmospheric Science in 1991. He developed a scheme to model cumulus clouds in in medium-scale numerical models with forecast horizons of a few hours to a few days (mesoscale models). After continuing this research for two years as a Research Associate at the university, Mike joined MRC as an applied scientist in short and medium term operational numerical weather forecasting.

Some of Mike’s work has included software system development, mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) method research, mesoscale ensemble forecasting for probabilistic dispersion analysis, and expert advice in other areas of the weather services program.

Currently, Mike is helping develop our next generation hail products. Preliminary research is encouraging; stay tuned to see how the research is proceeding.