Periscope for Roofers: Live Video for Roofing Marketing

Periscope for Roofer Marketing

Live video apps are all the rage and we want to help you use Periscope and Meerkat in your roofing business with these 4 tips.

First, what makes these apps different than any other style of video?

It’s live.

While that seems somewhat trivial, it makes a big difference because of the way you will talk and interact with the camera. Having a live audience (or even the possibility of a live audience) will make you speak differently than when you record a video for uploading later. At least that’s what happens to me.

I’m more comfortable on camera making a quick (live) video to a few friends versus stressing myself out making something specifically for YouTube.

First, you will need to download the apps onto your phone.

iPhone – PeriscopeMeerkat

Android – Periscope

(Yes, Meerkat is currently only available on iPhone which is why we focus on Periscope)

Here are 4 simple ways roofers and roofing companies can start using live video apps like Persicope and Meerkat.

Roofing Tips for Homeowners

This is not a new idea per say but one that is still not being implemented by 95% of roofing companies.

Shooting with these live video apps will make this easier for you to do while on the run.

Live From the Job Site

When you first start working in a new neighborhood, you can shoot a quick ‘Scope (Periscope lingo for making a video) letting your followers and social media contacts know you might be in their area.

This simple strategy is one of the best to demonstrate (DAILY) that you are the local roofing expert for their neighborhood.

Periscope offers a setting to save each video you shoot to your phone. I do this and then you can upload the video to Facebook and run an advertisement to the zipcode you’re working. It’s a great way to remind people you’re in their area and prepared to help them too.

The “Other Guys” Screwed You

Do you ever get on a roof and say “OMG I can’t believe those guys did this!” ?

Take a video and talk about it. Show the damage and share how your company would do it better.

Roofing Materials Pick Up / Drop-Off

One of the differences that homeowners can understand is quality of materials.

Do you go and pick up supplies for each job or are they delivered to the job site?

This makes a great Periscope for Roofers to show off that your company is using high quality materials.

Once the roof has been installed it can be tougher to show the amazing felt you use or how your nails are galvanized.

You know the differences that you make better than the competition. Show them off!


Those are a few ways you can begin to use Persicope and Meerkat to market your roofing business.

Join the conversation here on Facebook and tell us any ideas you have about using live video apps for roofers.

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7 Ways to Get More Roofs This Summer

The busy season is heating up and storms are occuring around the country every single day.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can get more roofs this summer with these roofing marketing tips:

1. Use your yard signs better

Most roofers wait to long before they put out their signs. Why?

I guess it’s the industry to standard to wait and put up a sign after you do the roof.

There is a better way and simple script to use to the yard sign up ASAP.

2. Make more videos

I know you watch videos because everyone is watching on the computer and on their phones and tablets.

People are searching for entertainment and information, so why not provide one or both of those things for your audience?

You have one of the most powerful tools in your hand right now and we can make super easy videos with it.

3. Facebook ads are awesome

Are you using these little $5 ads to get leads?

Facebook loves local businesses that advertise and you can get in front tons of homeowners for just $5 per day.

4. Is your crew branded?

You pull up to a job site at 7am. It’s a $400,000 house and the neighbors are peeking out of their windows to see who you are.

Can they tell what company is there or does it look like a group of rag tag day laborers?

5. Partner with a technology company

It’s 2015 and the information available online to make your job easier is staggering.

In fact, you can forget the shotgun approach when you know the best neighbors to work because your technology partner gave you the information.

6. Capture ghost clients

People are Googling you and your company whether you like it or not.

Whatever they find online (good and bad) is used to decide whether they call you, call you back, or hire the company.

Have you checked to see what happens when people search you?

There are few pretty simple things you can do to take over that Google page 1 with your content.

7. Radar based hail alerts and commercial business information

Being handed a list of commercial businesses in specific categories with the phone number and exact address is a freaking gold mine after a hail storm.

Imagine getting all the storage facilities or apartment complexes or restaurants in a storm affected area so your sales people could pounce on them. That would be awesome, right?

We ran a live training on May 28th where we went deeper into these ideas and exactly how to implement theme ASAP to start getting more roofs.

You can grab watch the replay at