The Sky is Falling!

Today is a very quiet day and since there are no reports of any major storm fronts, I will tell you a story about the biggest storm I have personally encountered.

The year was 1995 in a small West Texas town. There was a strong thunderstorm that prevented us from taking a friend home, but the storm quieted and we took the window of opportunity to load up in our van and hit the road. What we didn’t know was that this window of opportunity is what most people phrase “the calm before the storm.” A few blocks from my home the wind began to whip around the van, and hail pounded the sheets of metal that made us practically flinch with each ding. We could hardly see a foot in front of us and panic began to set in as we heard the tornado sirens scream their warning. I am not sure how my mother found the small church carport, but we pulled under and braced ourselves as the van rocked back and forth. The minutes crept by and the wild storm turned into a dribble.

We drove my friend home and saw minimal damage. As we turned back towards our neighborhood it was as if a wall was built and the destruction began. These were the streets where the sky met the ground through a tornado and with no apprehensions toward what laid in its path. As we turned the corner to my street our neighbor’s tree had forfeited to the storm and became a road block. Hail was piled about a foot against one side of our home, windows were busted out, and trees were stripped from their clothing of leaves. Although we were without electricity for a few days, we were not without support. Neighbors helped neighbors board windows, chainsaw uprooted trees, and our neighborhood came together and had a large cookout to prevent the meat in our freezers from going bad.

Here is why I see this story as significant toward your business. In 1995, roofers, insurance adjusters and the like did not have storm paths at their finger tips. They spent a significant amount of time doing their own research and plotting. It took quite a while before they could hit the streets that had major damage. I remember the process being frustrating for my family. Now the process no longer has to be frustrating for you or for your customers. HailStrike is the most comprehensive hail tracking tool in the industry. Visit our website, join our services, and be the first to help families, like my own, who have been impacted by a powerful storm.