HailStrike is offering an industry first opportunity for people to have direct access to a meteorologist. In this unique forum, users can submit their questions they have always wanted to have answered, and “Meteor Mike” will post the answers to the page.

Dr. Mike Weissbluth is the Chief Scientist at Dynamic Weather Solutions. He has extensive background in meteorology and has been integral in helping keep HailStrike on the leading edge of innovation and data solutions for weather related needs.


Dr. Mike Weissbluth has joined Dynamic Weather Solutions as their Chief Scientist  due to an increased emphasis on product development. Mike received his Masters in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University in 1985 and then granted his Doctorate in Atmospheric Science in 1991. He developed a scheme to model cumulus clouds in in medium-scale numerical models with forecast horizons of a few hours to a few days (mesoscale models). After continuing this research for two years as a Research Associate at the university, Mike joined MRC as an applied scientist in short and medium term operational numerical weather forecasting.

Some of Mike’s work has included software system development, mesoscale Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) method research, mesoscale ensemble forecasting for probabilistic dispersion analysis, and expert advice in other areas of the weather services program.

Currently, Mike is helping develop our next generation hail products. Preliminary research is encouraging; stay tuned to see how the research is proceeding.

OneSite™ Report Improves Claims Efficiency – Property Casualty 360°

Rising hail claims raise questions for insurers

New technology reduces fraudulent hail claims

In this article, by Patricia Harmon, she writes about the newest and greatest technology that is becoming available to help fight against fraudulent hail claims. The technology at HailStrike™ will help fight any false insurance claim. Patricia specifically talks about our OneSite™ Report, and all of the information you can get with the report. She states that the, “OneSite Report includes hail size; storm speed, direction, length and intensity; as well as latitude, longitude, elevation and value and other storm details, usually within 30 minutes or less of the storm. [Their technology] captures, stores and analyzes the data every five minutes from NOAA’s 150 NEXRAD radars.”

Our OneSite™ Report is the most detailed and accurate hail report in the industry. Don’t believe us? We will swap yours with ours for FREE!


HailStrike in

OneSite™ Report Article in MarketWatch features an article about HailStrike’s™ best reporting product, the OneSite™ Report. Check out this little snippet from the article:

Insurance carriers, CAT teams, independent claims adjusters, and forensic engineers will find OneSite™ Reports an indispensable tool in staying ahead of their competition and on top of their market. “DWS is the only company with the ability to document hail storms down to volume of hail making landfall,” said CEO and Founder Daron Sneed. “With the data included in a OneSite™ Report, our customers gain a far more useful assessment of a hail storm’s true impact. In the past, significant limits have reduced the data included in a hail verification report. We realize that hail activity ten miles from a property has no bearing on activity at that specific address. OneSite™ Reports are about to change that paradigm and finally give customers what they’ve been really needing.”

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OneSite™ Report in the High Plains Journal

OneSite™ Report is a new product being mentioned in the High Plains Journal

On September 15, 2014, HailStrike’s OneSite™ Report was mentioned as a new feature product in the High Plains Journal.

High Plains Journal and Midwest Ag Journal are regional weekly agricultural news publications published in Dodge City, Kansas. Each week the publication covers award-winning editorials, up-to-date industry reports, markets, weather, and the largest classified section in the region. The publication devotes issues to certain topical information such as farm and ranch management, seed, cattle feeding, agribusiness and more.